Components of NESS

When engineering the NESS token and its tokenomics, it was crucial to consider the four key components that ensure the sustainability and growth of the token economy, as well as the partner platform and its stakeholders. These components are EARN, SUBSCRIBE, BURN, and PREMIUM & DISCOUNT. Each of these elements plays a pivotal role in establishing a thriving token economy and ensuring the longevity of the ecosystem.


NESS tokens can be earned by users in exchange for contributing to the information economy. This can include activities such as creating and sharing high-quality content, providing data analysis and insights, or participating in market research. By incentivizing users to contribute to the platform, tokens can be used as a means of compensation, rewarding users for their valuable contributions.

This not only encourages users to engage more deeply with the platform, but also helps to build a strong and active community, which can further enhance the platform's information economy.


A token can be used as a means of subscribing to premium content or services provided by our partner platform. By holding a certain amount of NESS, users can access exclusive content, tools, or features that are not available to non-subscribers. Furthermore, the use of tokens as a subscription model can provide benefits such as increased transparency, lower transaction costs, and improved security through the use of blockchain technology.


The essential element that ensures the overall sustainability and long-term growth of the NESS ecosystem is the token burn model. This mechanism is characterized by the burning of a predetermined amount of tokens, which is determined by engagement statistics and the depth of interactions from both individual and institutional clients.

By implementing this model, a self-sustaining and deflationary token economy is created that rewards active contributors and promotes a thriving community.

Burn rate & Amount

  • Burn rate based on KPI achievements *B=burn rate *B=ƒ(kpiα,kpiβ…) *B x Monthly Un-lock Amount = Burn Amount

  • KPIs *DAU, MAU, App Downloads, number of published articles,New registers, and more


NESS tokens can be utilized to provide users in our partners' platforms with premium services and discounts. Premium services can be offered to token holders as a benefit of owning and holding tokens. This can incentivize users to hold onto their tokens, increasing the demand and value of the token.

Discounts can be offered to users who pay for services using tokens, encouraging the use and circulation of the token. The premium and discount model can help drive adoption and increase demand for tokens, ultimately benefiting the token economy. By offering added value and benefits to token holders and users, NESS tokens can play a crucial role in creating a sustainable and profitable business use cases.

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