Case Study: Coinness

Strategic Positioning

NESS LAB provides strategic positioning service to COINNESS considering its deliberate efforts to position itself within its industry, marketplace, and target audience in a unique and advantageous way. This positioning encompasses a company's overall brand image, value proposition, competitive advantages, target market, and marketing approach, which leads to overall service’s success and growth.

Building Tokenomics

Our paramount role in constructing tokenomics is to assist COINNESS in formulating a comprehensive and efficient economic ecosystem for their token or crypto-currency. NESS LAB has worked closely with COINNESS to define the token's purpose, token supply, distribution mechanism, governance structure, and incentives for the token holders. Our ultimate aspiration is to enable COINNESS to establish a token economy that is sustainable, transparent, and aligns with its project's objectives and principles.

Vitalizing Community

Our role in building a thriving community is to empower COINNESS to forge an animated, exuberant, and flourishing network around their project. In essence, our ultimate aspiration is to empower COINNESS to develop an enduring and devoted community that would elevate their project to unprecedented levels of achievement.


The CGRP's maiden use case came to fruition with the advent of Coinness' latest community service launch. Since its inception in November 2022, a mere handful of months ago, Coinness has managed to assemble a veritable army of over 150 content partners while also erecting an infrastructure that enables the creation of numerous pieces of monthly contents. These exquisite, original works cover an extensive range of topics, including macroeconomic analyses, blockchain industry trend reports, and cutting-edge NFT minting evaluations, among many others. Impressively, these meticulously crafted pieces of content have already reached an audience exceeding 20 million individuals

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